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Backpacking Dad

Although it's been a long time since my OAC law class, and I'm in a different country now, from what I remember of the CCC there are a few reverse-onus crimes. So the fact of the reverse onus, while unusual, isn't unheard of. The other crimes that I remember weren't even violent ones: carrying housebreaking tools or being in posession of some minimum quantity of illegal narcotics.

There is probably also a bias against men in domestic violence complaints. But I'm not sure that that bias would be the reason for a reverse onus (if there is an official one in the CCC, which there may not even be).

Nice post on a tricky issue.


My previous comment seems to have gotten lost, but here is roughly what it said:

Sandra could speak to this better than I, but I think a lot comes down to removing the husband from the situation so that he doesn't further beat or even kill the woman after the police leave. Removal gives everyone time to calm down and figure out what really happened as best possible.

I know this is a tough call because I know there are false accusations - my own mom in one of her psychotic breaks accused my father to the police of abusing and trapping her. thank goodness I was there too, or he might have sat in jail himself, soemthing I hate to contemplate.

But on the whole, as unpleasant as an unjustified night in jail is, I think we would be worse off for letting a woman get severely injured or killed when the threat is real.

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