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Mrs. Chicken

Seriously??? You guys just made my whole week. And let me tell you, it has been a doozy!

How do I say thank you?

Like this, I guess:

Thank you.

Chicky Chicky Baby

Awwww... You gUUYYYsss.


This was really great of you. Love the charity!

Her Bad Mother

Ditto ditto ditto. Am all verklempt. XOXO


This is so cool!


This is so nice of you guys to put this together! I'm almost sad that I'm done having babies :)


Oh wow, this baby shower sounds way more fun than the ones I have (endured) been to in the past. No ridiculous toilet paper game, no pass the onesie, no alcohol-free "punch" because the mom can't drink, and no nasty little deviled ham finger sandwiches - count me in!

I have no advice to offer except to say that I have heard from friends who have more than one child that once you have two, you might as well have ten because you're outnumbered forevermore. So - with that said - many good wishes to all three moms for happy, healthy babies and safe, uncomplicated deliveries.

Karen MEG

What a great idea! Moving from one to two is an absolute breeze I tell ya ... NOT!!!

Just kidding, sorta.


My assvice is up. But don't enter me. Although I could save a lot on postage if I win my own prize.


Oooo, an online shower - all the love without the cheesey party games. NICE!

Going from one to two was not that bad - though I did put 5 years between them. Then you are only dealing with diapers for one. Wishing you all the best of the best.


I'll never know, but do stepkids count for the total tally? ;)


Oh, this is the best baby shower! Much better than the "real" one I have to go to tomorrow afternoon. Count me in. I'll write the post tonight.


Thanks again for inviting me to the baby shower! I had fun remembering those days when I was about to have my second baby. Interesting how you don't usually get a real baby shower the second time around :)

moosh in indy.

Now if only there were a way to do virtual chicken salad croissant sandwiches and cupcakes with baby booties on them...


Congrats girls, it's really a piece of cake going from one to two. Or do I mean you'll want to eat cake? Ya, I think that's it. I submitted mine, hopefully I'm not too late!

Erika Jurney

Well my post is up, and I want to thank you guys for this great idea -- how fun!

Good luck to all the preggos and I'm wishing you safe deliveries, healthy babies, and quick recoveries!

Caryn B

Congrats! I am the mother of 1 but I'm hoping for baby number 2 this year. I have a friend with 3 under 3 so she's my go-to girl for organizing the tribe!


Was out of town this weekend and totally missed the boat. Congratulations, ladies!


What a cool idea. Am just checking e-mail now. Am bummed I missed it. (Course I only have one so I have no "assvice" to offer.) But I hope you didn't send out the gift certs yet. I just sent ya something via paypal! I lovethese ladies!

The Other Dawn

I know I missed the deadline, but I'm out here anyway!


I missed the deadline, alas, but I'm compiling my advice for my post on the Family Education Network today and will post the link tomorrow.

And I personally thought going from one to two was tricky, but that's just me!!


I missed the deadline!! I ALWAYS miss the deadline. Ever since I had that second child o' mine......... ;) Too EXHAUSTED to meet deadlines. But, I love it. Love having two. Very excited for these moms-to-be!!!

Don Mills Diva

I missed the dealine too but I did send soemthing and post last night!


Ack! The email went into my bulk folder!
I'll enjoy reading through these, though.


I had my 2nd baby when my husband was deployed to Iraq. I had a 17-mo-old and my parents live all the way in Alaska. Needless to say, it wasn't easy. My best advice is to focus on the emotional needs of the toddler (or older kids) and the basic needs of the infant. In other words if the baby is fed, clean, and happy spend some quality one-on-one with the toddler even if theres a mountain of laundry, filthy floors, piles of junk mail, let that go and keep your toddler happy. This is a monumental change to their little world. Also read the book "Siblings Without Rivalry" before the baby is even born. Its all about getting them to love and accept the baby from the very beginning rather than viewing the baby as an intrusion. Something as small as having them come to the hospital to be part of the 'bringing baby home' committee can help them feel included rather than an outsider to the whole experience. Best Wishes!!

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i love those charmings boys!!!

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