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This is the most egregious over-stepping of a court's authority that I've ever heard of in Canada. What law was broken? It's completely unfathomable to me how this decision could have been reached, and I hope that the appeal overturns the ruling. It's too bad that court costs cannot be assigned to the judge, if it's found that the judge made an error. It seems to me that this poor father will be significantly out of pocket for trying to protect his daughter and correct her behaviour.


On the subject of shutting down Daditorial, I hope that you bring some of these more in-depth 'editorial' style posts to TDS.



Wow, just wow. I say the father was right. I cannot believe a judge would overrule a personal decision like that - especially one non-life threatening. Wow.


I am totally wtih you on this one.

This dad wasn't overstepping at all, he was doing his job as a parent to show his child in a totally safe and reasonable way that he felt her actions were not okay, that he required her to adjust them accordingly, and that her actions would have consequences. This consequence sure beats the hell out of letting her go ahead and getting into real danger, especially given that our best stats say that 25% of children have been approached online by potential predators. He was, in fact, trying to keep her safe from her own naivete.

If courts are planning to strip away parental authority, I hope they are planning to pick up the pieces when kids go astray?


That's crazy!! I'm dumbfounded!

My first two thoughts were...

-you wonder why there are so many problems with today's society?!?!?


-whose money paid for that?!?!

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