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Okay, so this is like the third time I'm leaving a comment to win these tickets (there's three places I know of to do this) - so basically I am just completely desperate for a free ticket. Yay me.


I would love to papmer myself in a spa just before I turn 35!


I don't even know if I could get away with taking off on my husband and leaving him with the twin 2.5 year-old boys alone... but winning a free pass could sure be more convincing!


Mani-pedi's? Swag bag? Count me in!


Ooooh, this sounds so fun. Count me in!


OOOOH! I need this! My son hasn't slept through the night yet - and he's going to be 2 in a month! But some spa is as good as some sleep, right?


I'm not planning on being in Toronto, but I'd totally change my mind for a spa trip!

Her Bad Mother

Posting winners when I get home from picking up child from pre-school - SOON SOON SOON!

columbia thorndale

Yeah great event.

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