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Damn, I would have love to go and take my Yo Gabba Gabba-obsessed kids but I'll be picking them up from the airport that evening after 2 weeks in the UK.


I would like to meet up with other Toronto mommy bloggers but not sure about this event. Not sure my 1yo would enjoy it very much, though it is only a 5 min walk to our house. I think the cost of tickets might be a waste of money for us (she is a walker so $22 if my husband doesn't come. . )


non GTA but thinking about it........

Her Bad Mother

Emma - *pout*

Athena - I took Emilia to her first Bunch party when she was five months, and she loved it. And her brother (8 months) will be attending, and I fully expect him to enjoy himsel. They really are great for all ages.

Lala - think about it!

Don Mills Diva

I am so there.

Oh ya, Graham too.

katie ~ motherbumper

Gigi is having trouble deciding on her outfit - alien pirate, princess alien, or pirate princess who dabbles in alien. Short of long: we will be there.

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