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I am crying now. I know that feeling. It's the worst because I feel like I've been trying to run away from this situation my entire life. I did not want to live like my mother, squeezing the last drop of milk from the bag, scraping the butter off the foil wrapping. But you can't run away from your fate I suppose.

No Mother Earth

Ack. I'm spending money like I still have a job. I'm in denial. It's a very bad place to be in when the money finally runs out (which will be very, very soon). I feel for you.

Mac & Cheese

Shining star or not, meatballs are enjoyed more than brisket by everyone in our family. I'll probably make those next year instead. Sorry for your Nortown experience.

Amy @ Muddy Boots

What a great post. Left a lump in my throat, but I really, really enjoyed reading it. Very well written.

Lisa b

I really don't know what to say. I'm sorry about that bitch behind the counter but I do wonder about the woman who offered to share the brisket with you. I'll bet she has been exactly where you are.

I'd share a brisket with you any day but I'll bet your meatballs were better anyway.

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