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I LOVE THAT IDEA! So smart! And I would happily attend something like that - and people with little kids are always looking for fun things to do with them, too, so there is DEFINITELY a market.
I think I would rather have an upfront fee for a number of sessions, maybe. Like, $15 a month? I dunno.

Painted Maypole

oh, it's such a great idea. i only took MQ to a few story times, in part due to poor timing, and in larger part due to crappy readers. I would DEFINITELY pay for a good, hour long time with snacks and handout with further activities. BRILLIANT! Do it!!!

Painted Maypole

oh oh... and you could market to birthday parties. Imagine the fancy nancy birthday parties...

hmmm... maybe I will launch my own venture down here? We could plan together and share ideas? exciting!

metro mama

I think it's a brilliant idea. We should talk about books! I would pay to attend.


Great idea. If I had a little one I'd be your first customer!!


excellent idea- I think $5 is more than fair.
let me know when/where and we'll be there.

(currently we do the library reading group and sometimes at a local bookstore- The Flying Dragon)


oh and I'm almost finished Little Bee and really loving it.
looking forward to the discussion next week


We had the privilege of attending the best story-time ever at our local library. It was absolutely seamless - story to puppets to song to fingerplay to story - and the librarian was confident and comfortable. Sadly, she was no longer at our branch when I was on my second mat leave, but I would indeed pay for something so engaging.


I think I would pay to attend such a great-sounding storytime! The boy and I do not currently attend one due to bad timing at our local - who is it that decides that a great time for an event for under-threes is between 1 and 3 in the afternoon?! But we would both love to...


As someone who has both attended an expensive babytime circle and gives storytimes regularly? I will say this:

-people will pay for a good storytime if they feel they are going to get something worthwhile. Try to hook up with a local baby store or something to distribute flyers, it will seem that you come recommended.

-try to attend a few different storytimes to get some feel for how different people do it. I tend to be pretty freeform and laid back about it, others like to have everything scripted.

-think also about how you will handle kids who are not settling, what guidelines you would give parents at the start on how you would like them to proceed (ie I usually tell them that if their child is not managing, we are all moms and understand, but please take the kid out to the hall to calm down, and then return).

-mix it up - a story, then a rhyme, a story then a song, a story then a short puppet play or feltboard, that sort of thing. It keeps them paying attention. At least one or two active rhymes or games in the middle helps, too, a sort of 7th inning stretch for preschoolers.

-you can set the age range where you feel comfortable, but be prepared for people to want to get in with a child who is not in the range, and figure out what your policy on that will be. They can be pushy!

-themes can help limit down the number of options in terms of songs and books to a manageable amount while also suggesting craft ideas, etc., which is why so many people use them. They aren't necessary, but helpful. Or sometimes I will just tie a song or rhyme to a book, but not have an overall theme.

if you want advice or book reco's or a guest reader, email me, since this comment is verging on longer than the original post! (I'm rambly like that.)

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