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Good points, but... hmmm... nope; still hate it. Luckily we don't turn the tv on after dinner, so I'm spared this one particular torture.


We don't have cable but I'm all for some nonsense tv every now and then (or everyday, whatever)

Amy @ Muddy Boots

My only complaint about ITNG is that it's on at 7:30pm here and my 2 year old's bedtime is 7:00pm. If it were on at 6:30pm, we watch it very often.

The toy Iggle Piggle that sings and dances kind of freaks me out though.


Samantha loves this show. I hated it first but it has grown on me now. It almost puts me to sleep and I think it makes my hubby even feel all warm & fuzzy inside.

I know we need to get out more ;-)


I'm still not too sure about this show. You say its worrying if parents leave teaching their children to talk to the TV and it is! But children pick up a lot from TV and this show may be having a negative effect on how some children talk. They may find it more fun to talk in the nonsense way of ITNG.

Also, its not really all that obvious what the show is about and I live in Australia, where ITNG is shown in the morning and in the afternoon, not just before bedtime.

Although I'm not too sure I won't end up thinking that its a good show.

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