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You must check out the East End parks! We have a few favourites. East Lynn park is on Danforth between Coxwell & Woodbine, with a wading pool, a great play structure for both the kids, swings, sandbox and a farmer's market on Thursday afternoons. We're there every week throughout the summer.

There's also Measurement Park in the beaches, but not the busy part. It's at the foot of Coxwell, there's tons of street parking, and the the path from the north end of the park is dotted with these huge fun rulers - hence measurement park - sticking out of the ground. The playground itself is great, if a bit sun-blasted, and it has these big caterpillar-like tunnels for the kids to crawl through. there's a little pond with picnic benches to eat a snack and watch birds at, and then, of course, there's the rest of the beaches with all of its wonderful trappings.

We also love Monarch Park, Danforth between Greenwood and Coxwell; it's all fenced in, great for both kids, and when you want a break from the park, it's surrounded by a shady grove where you can sit under a tree and have some juice.


Scooter's preschool class went to the Huron Street park all the time (he was at the co-op just down the street). When we lived in the Beaches, I really did love the one in Kew Gardens. It has a fence around it, which at least gave us the feeling that he couldn't get too much of a head start on us.

katie ~ motherbumper

Huron Street park - thank you! I was totally looking for an excuse to make a trip down to Sarah's for a fafafel and now I can claim "it's really for the child". When I lived in that area (in my childless days), I was blind to those kinds of landmarks.

baby nursery decoration

I am a new SAHM too and I am loving taking my daughter to the park these days. It's a great time for both of us, plus it practically ensures she will have a decent nap later - more good times for me!


great tips- I love Sunnybrook park too.
great bike riding and there are horses to watch as well.
They have a little snack bar there which has yummy fries and gravy- highschool caf. style. plus bathrooms throughout the park.
A great park for a picnic.
it's adjacent to Edward Gardens which is also beautiful and a fun place to feed the ducks and relax under a giant willow tree.
The weekends are pretty busy but during the week it's suoer quite.
Sherwood park - across from Sunnybrook hospital and the brickworks are also great if you venture uptown at all.
I also love Withrow, Bellwoods, Riverdale Farm, HighPark (the mother of all parks) and the park at the corner of Mount pleasant and Davisville.
Just to name a few.

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