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Good review!

I'm reading that now, too. Like the Martha Cookies book, I found it more of an interesting selection of recipes than a thorough exploration of the topic. The topic of cupcakes.

Holy crap, look at your sister's cupcakes! Those are astonishing.

No Mother Earth

Truly lovely cupcakes! I'm wondering if either of my boys would like butterfly cupcakes for their birthdays?? Hmm, perhaps I could do bugs instead.

Lisa b

Oh now I need butterfly cupcakes.
Can your sister teach me how to make those?


Mmmm...cupcakes! Those are gorgeous.

And yeah, where are the savory cupcakes? Where's the rosemary cupcake frosted with sundried tomato cream cheese recipe?


those are so sweet!
and you'll have to hook me up re: RMT sister
she bakes AND she can give a good massage...I wish I had a sister like that
lucky you!


Hey all

If you want amazing cup cakes, I was at a party a week ago and tasted the best treats ever, from cupcakes to cookies to chocolates. My friend had her party catered by Gourment Biscotti and treats. Let me tell you the best stuff ever. She has great prices and loves to creat new things especialy for your event.


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