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katie ~ motherbumper

A matinee of this was my Mother's Day gift and I loved it. I felt that they totally paid homage to the original but made it something more. And NERO! who thought a Romulan could be so fascinating, not me but Bana done good.


Oh yah. While Mad told me she thought baby Spock "dreamy" (and I did like him in that role), I have to say that baby Kirk has now joined my roster of celebrity boyfriends, bringing it to two. Yes, apparently I'm easily turned into a hussy.

Jill Jayne

I'd like to email you to check out my rock 'n roll nutrition CD. Could you contact me? I can't find your address on the site.
Jill Jayne, MS, RD
The Rockstar Nutritionist


Searching, and will download to watch it.

I like star wars too.

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